One Thing a Month


For the past few years I have been stuck in a rut. A big rut. A rut is probably the wrong word for it but I can’t think of a better one so I shall call it a rut. I got out of the habit of exercising, playing music and my passion for learning seems to have fizzled out . I have also been a pretty crappy friend.

And although it’s cliché to start changing at new year I can see no better time. The past month has led to me wanting to change now more than ever. Hopefully the initial drive to succeed in new year’s resolutions (or resolvations as a friend and I call them) will get me up and started on my “12 change” plan.

The “12 change” plan as I’m calling it (a better name probably exists, so if you have one let me know) is where I have identified 12 aspects of my life that I want to improve upon and during each month of 2014 I will focus on one of them. Doing it this way, and by alternating between those more enjoyable changes and those that may be more of a chore means there is less chance of running out of steam.

You may be thinking that after that month of focusing on one aspect I will forget all about it and move onto the next one. The hope is that after that month it shall become a habit. I have done a little reading on this and the idea on the blogosphere, and some research, is that it takes around 30 days to form a habit, though most complex habits take longer and some are more easily formed, such as checking under your pillow for giant spiders/ticks before going to sleep — a habit I formed during one summer working at a summer camp that I haven’t been able to break yet.

So the 12 areas of my life I want to change:

  • Exercise
  • Music
  • Language
  • Work Ethic
  • Sleep
  • Friend
  • Current Affairs
  • Proactive
  • Diet
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Courage